faithbeforefear asked:

SARAHHH. so we recently purchased an amazon tree boa and he's very bitey and takes a swing at everyone and he's my first arboreal bite-noodle so i don't exactly know how to not jerk away when he tries to bite? how do you go about taming down a noodle.

Get your hands in there and get bit! Hehe I know it’s hard and even I still jump sometimes when they get me unexpectedly! It’s just a matter of being exposed to it and letting yourself realize it doesn’t hurt! Just be careful not to pull away suddenly if they do bite and that’s about all you can do! Once they realize biting doesn’t achieve the result they want, they quickly get over that stage or they don’t ((Like Dax… Still a jerk), it’s just the fun part if having bitey noodles! Congratulations on the new baby!!!