The worst part about setting up the profanity filter on the forum is actually having to type the offensive terms…

I had to make Jason type the C word for me…


haha do people really feel this way about a formation of letters?

that seems a bit ridiculous.

I really hate that idea, that words are ‘Just a formation of letters’.

The written language has incredible power and just a formation of letters can do phenomenal things.

They can make your heart sing or break in moments. A simple ‘Good morning’ SMS can mean so much more than just that formation of letters. It means ‘I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought of was you’.

They create novels, they give life to people who have never existed, they create not only other worlds but other universes all inside our heads.

Words and letters can start wars, they can end wars, they can bring us peace or utter madness.

Those formations of words can save lives, they can give life back and people can take their own lives because of a formation of words. Words and the letters they are made up of matter.

Our entire lives revolve around a language that is written in a formation of a few letters…

So yes, I give the combination of a few letters value because I’m not stupid enough to assume they don’t matter.

And I could tell you you’re an ignorant fool but hey, you wouldn’t care right? Because it’s just a formation of letters.

Finally got footage of this sneaky little feather brain! She pretends to play with her bell while I’m watching her, but when I turn my back, she throws litter off the play pen!

Hypoaspis Miles :) They’re a predatory mite. I’ve used them before but they are most effective with use in small tubs. In large enclosures you’re best off emptying the enclosure and using an insecticide spray whilst simultaneously treating the snake itself with Hypo.

Hypoaspis Miles :) They’re a predatory mite. I’ve used them before but they are most effective with use in small tubs. In large enclosures you’re best off emptying the enclosure and using an insecticide spray whilst simultaneously treating the snake itself with Hypo.

Anonymous asked:

Do you know how to treat mites?

There are a number of methods to treating mites depending on how many animals you are treating, the size of your enclosure and they material it is made out of. Do you have any mor details for me so I can be more specific?

Anonymous asked:

Hi!! I'm from QLD, Australia :-) I'm wondering if you could Share some pointers for a potential beginner snake owner? What would be some of the smaller, friendly snakes? Where would I purchase one if I decided to go ahead with this responsibility? I love snakes, they're gorgeous and I've held quite a few in my life time, but I want to gather as much info as possible in fears of not being able to provide the lil scaly pal a safe home. I appreciate any advice you have to give! Love your blog!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, I wanted to write you a proper answer and that is much easier on my PC than my iPad.

I’m always happy to share some advice!

If you’re looking to start with a smaller animal you absolutely cannot go past Spotted Pythons (If you’re looking in sales they are often also called Mac’s due to their scientific name Antaresia Maculosa). They come in a cute albeit small variation of morphs, blonde being my favourite with stripe close behind. 

Childrens, Stimsons and Pygmies are also in the Antaresia family and can be just darling too, I just prefer the Spotteds overall as they keep their lovely distinct blotching where Childrens fade out to brown.

If you did decide you are looking to go for a little Ant, there are three major ways of getting them.

1) Petstore. Even though I work in a pet store and do believe we should be able to sell reptiles with the correct licensing, ask the staff lots of questions to gauge their experience with snakes. Someone who knows very little about reptiles may assume that a wet whistling noise is normal and tell you that the animal is perfectly healthy even if it has a respiratory infection. Make sure they provide you with all of the animals feeding and shedding records, if a pet store cannot produce those, I wouldn’t be terribly inclined to purchase the animal. 

2) Commercial Breeder. Places like Snake Ranch are excellent places to purchase your first snake, they are highly specialised and experienced, you receive ongoing support and if you let them know you’re a first time owner they will help pick a snake with a quiet nature that is a reliable eater. I haven’t personally purchased from Snake Ranch but have heard many good things about their business, especially since the change to new owners. Always read reviews before buying from a large scale breeder, size of a collection is not an indicator of quality but can suggest neglect.

3) Private Sale. This is both the most cost effective/convienient way but it can also be a risky method of buying a snake. Make sure if you are going to buy from classifieds that you don’t pick the cheapest snake. Read the add and make sure the person seems to know what they are doing or at least ask lots of questions if the add is vague. You want to know if the snake has been eating regularly, if it sheds well (all in one piece), if it has been bred in the past, if it has any history of prolapse, if it has a history of mites and if so how they dealt with it, does it handle well, is it cage defensive, how long have they owned the animal and of course, is it appropriately licensed? If the seller seems to get irritated or short with you because you’re asking so many questions, they’re not the person you want to buy off. You’re purchasing a member of your family that will be with you for 15 odd years, you’re entitled to want the right one!

And of course, QLD requires you to hold a Recreational Wildlife License or RWL before purchasing your snakie, so ensure you sign up for that!

I hope this was at least some help, and you’re always welcome to ask further questions if need be.