Anonymous asked:

My little boa enjoys climbing, and I want to make him a semi-arboreal setup. Any tips for me, bein a noob to this and all?

Ohh I would make nice little stable, low hanging area to climb with aspen beneath to cushion a fall :)

Anonymous asked:

TMI Tuesday! If you had a perfect clone of yourself, how far sexually would you go with her? Why or why not?

I probably wouldn’t go far at all, I don’t find myself sexually attractive. I wouldn’t be attracted to my clone! I’m also very selfish in bed so it would be super boring!!!

softwiings asked:

!!! One of my favorite books when I was a child, Verde, was about a green tree python like your Tolkien! (and what a great name for him, too <3) That just made me really happy to recognize. Your blog is really great, thank you for running it!

I grew up on that book too! Our little Tolk is refusing to change colour too, even though he’s older than Wilde and she’s changed! And all his siblings have changed… He’s such a cutie…