Anonymous asked:

What did they do to disappoint you?

They behaved like school children. They were intentionally hurtful and overly sensitive, rather than dealing with a conflicting opinion like adults. 

Anonymous asked:

What's the best way to handle bitey snakes? How do you get used to being bitten? What's the best way to tame an aggressive snake?

I’m thinking I’m going to need a FAQ soon :) What a good excuse to write one!

The easiest way to handle them is to hook them out of the enclosure and just do your thing, if you are afraid of getting bitten, the best thing to do is to get bitten lots. The first bite always still makes me jump a little, but after that one you’re fine because you remember it doesn’t hurt.

Taming an angry snake is a fine balance between handling enough to make it tolerate you, but not so much that it becomes an unpleasant experience. I generally handle each of my snappy babies (I.E Dax and Anastasia) 3-5 minutes each night to work on taking them down. However it is a long process that you have to be patient with :)

Anonymous asked:

hi! respectfully, I was wondering why you keep your animals in plastic tubs? I have seen snakes kept that way before but never got the chance to ask about it... if I may, what is your reasoning behind the tubs? do they have enough space and stuff?

I don’t keep all of my animals in tubs, just the young ones and recently Kana who was upgraded to a big girl tank but hasn’t been eating so is back in the tub.

I keep them in the tubs because it is the best thing for hatchling snakes. They are small, vulnerable and large spaces often make them go off their food because of that.

Tubs are great:
They’re opaque so the snake feels secure and hidden at all times.
They’re super easy to maintain stable temperatures in.
They’re hygienic because the cleaning is so easy.
Monitoring and managing humidity is simple! It makes sure our fragile little babies have good sheds, every shed.
They’re safe and the risk of escape is low (Finding a missing adult is far easier than a 20cm hatchling!)

In general they are just a much more stable environment for the little babies… People do keep adults in tubs as well and that is all dependant on the species and what is best for individual animals. If my Kana won’t eat in her adult cage, she can stay in her tub forever. Snakes don’t know the difference between timber, plastic and glass. They just know if they feel secure or not!

Tubs are good, we like tubs.

devils-sonata asked:

How many (and what) pets do you have at the moment? And if money/space/knowledge/experience etc wasn't an issue in anyway, what 3 animals would you get?

Holy moly! I have… So many… I posted it a while ago, I’ll find it and reblog it with any additions.

Top 3: Please note that I am a practical and boring person when it comes to pet ownership and I will be so completely dull.

1) A Blue Merle Heterochromatic Australian Shepherd.

2) A Bull Terrier, any Bully will do!

3) An Eyelash Viper.

I just really miss having a dog in my life, especially lately. So on the provision I had a place on property and I didn’t work so much… That would be what I want!

Of course I would love a big cat or a giraffe or something but I wouldn’t want people to follow my example and get hurt. So pups and snakes will do it for me :)

Anonymous asked:

It's actually the chain pet shop over here. I was really dubious about it but after going in, chatting & doing my own research on the place, it actually seems like a good place to buy from. I was just gonna get a normal, or maybe a pastel or lesser

As I can speak from experience, not all petstores are the spawn of satan! It sounds like you’re doing all the right things :) How pretty! I’m so jealous, I would love a ball python… I would kill a man for one!

Anonymous asked:

It's the anon you just answered. Where I'm planning to buy him from they'll reserve him but they won't actually sell any of their reptiles without least 3 days of temp readings & with species where humidity's important 3 days humidity readings too :)

Sounds like an excellent, thorough and responsible breeder! That’s really good to hear, there aren’t many of those left! What morph are you thinking? You don’t have to be anon :)

Anonymous asked:

Yeah was gonna give him normal hide at either end a humidhide & get silkplants branches and corkbark flats 2 give him plenty of cover&I was planning keep him in a monkfield terrarium until hesbigger I'm also getting book on BPs from my bro 4 xmas :)

It sounds like you have a god plan going so far! Definitely consult your new book before you buy your scaly friend and test your enclosure thoroughly before purchasing! :)