boscthebeardedwonder asked:

What would you say is your favorite motion or whatever to watch your snakes do is? I love seeing them yawn and adjust their jaw. That or when you can actually see them moving forward, like how they shift their scales.

My favourite is definitely watching them put a meal down! It’s how the prey remains in place and they move over the item like fluid… It’s so amazing!

Anonymous asked:

Do you think it's true that even the calmest snake may bite? My girl bit me today (and I totally blame myself, not her) and she never has before. It didn't hurt, as she only struck, so I figure I scared her somehow. Maybe she felt she was going to fall? Either way, I'm glad it happened because I was terrified of it until now.

Absolutely! Snakes aren’t like dogs or cats, they don’t have the capacity to really thoroughly think through who they are biting and why. Snakes are very instinctual and everything they do has a basis for survival. I can’t tell for sure why your snake would all of a sudden bite you but in hatchlings it’s a case of trying to scare off a predator, adult snakes can be cage defensive, hungry, smell something delicious on you! There are a whole variety of factors. The possibility is always there even with the tamest of snakes and it’s something we just have to take into consideration. Hope I have helped somewhat :)

An eventful morning in the reptile section at work! A little baby childrens python was greedy and ate last night but decided to shed at the same time. His shed got stuck above his food lump so I got to help him shed! The blue tongues are shedding and eating EVERYTHING! And I’ve been bitten 17 times since arriving two hours ago. Doing well!

aderpyherper asked:

Out of all the different animals you own, which do you find the most rewarding watching growing up and developing from a baby to an adult? :)

In all honesty I am going to go completely non-scale related and say Quinn my cockatiel. Watching her grow from an ugly little spikey dinosaur into a bird and watching her personality develop and change has been incredible. She is a completely different bird to any of the others in our store and it’s because of how she has grown up with me. She is my bird, fully and completely and I love her with all of my heart!

Anonymous asked:

Don't put your feeding photos in the rat tag please!

I am so so so sorry. I must’ve had a complete mind fart when posting them at work, I usually use the tag ‘rat death’ but I obviously didn’t complete it. Again, I am so sorry!