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This is some text that will be the description. That's right. Right here. Description. All the description. DESCRIPTION.

If I am ever feeling down, I look at pictures of my guinea pigs having a bath… It still makes me laugh.

Hey guys! My page is under construction at the moment, please be patient with it’s ugly and it should be up and ready again in a few hours :)

Hey guys! My page is under construction at the moment, please be patient with it’s ugly and it should be up and ready again in a few hours :)

Anonymous: What sort of advice would you give to someone looking into getting a green tree python?

Wow this is a really long winded question for me to answer, it’s hard for me to shut up about GTP’s so please forgive me if I start rambling ^.^

Edit: Okay well this wound up over a thousand words so I am going to put a read more in!

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Anonymous: Oh thank goodness. We were terrified that it had something to do with incorrect humidity or something, as our other rescue snake, the grumpiest children's python you will ever meet, sheds don't bunch up. (Also thankfully we got to her before too much went wrong.) I'm sorry to have wasted your time if it's completely normal, we have read all we can and are still terrified we're doing everything wrong.

It’s never ever a waste of my time to make you feel better :) All sheds are different and lots of snakes shed in different ways depending on many different factors like tank layout, cage furniture, if they’re arboreal or terrestrial etc. Nake for example always has hers hanging over a perch with a very convenient albeit gross poop inside. Whilst Dax always has his rolled and stuck to his hide door (so he doesn’t miss the chance to bite me, I assume).

You’re doing all the right things and whilst it’s not my place to say, I am very proud of your research and care for your scaly babies :)

Anonymous: Bunched up but off in one piece. I've unravelled it both times and they're both perfect sheds other than the holes I've accidentally put in them

Well that’s not odd or unusual at all! Snakes sheds often bunch and roll during the removal process. As long it is all off in one piece, you’ve got nothing to worry about :)

Anonymous: About a year ago, my best friend and I moved in together into a house. Upon arrival we discovered that the previous tenants had abandoned their Murray Darling carpet python which we now take care of. He was severely dehydrated and I have no idea when his last meal was before I fed him. His vivarium way too small with poor heating. It took 8 months to bring him to health and shed. He's just had his 2nd shed and like the last one it's all bunched up a foot and a half into the shed. Is this normal?

He is a lucky snake to have fallen into such good hands!

Are you talking bunched up and in one piece off his body like he has removed a stocking and it has rolled up? Or bunched up and still stuck on his body?

Anonymous: I'm so happy the little noodle will be okay! Rooting for you little dude!

Ohh me too! I keep checking on him! He pooped on me tonight, so I am going to take that as a good sign. Obviously the old digestive tract isn’t too damaged if he is getting stuff through it.

Anonymous: So glad to hear the news about Tolkien! He couldn't have asked for a better owner. : ) What reptile vet did you go to?

I’m not comfortable giving away details of my location, however I really wish I could give them a good rap.

I am the lucky one and I am so glad that he is okay! My baby is feeling much  better, the swelling has gone down and he had a good soak last night.

treeboa: ahh thank you for clearing that up!! i knew for sure that as animals with high humidity requirements something was wrong. i tried asking him if he could put in sphagnum substrate but he only told me "that gives them mites" and i was just side eyeing him super hard. :/// it was at a petco so im unsure if calling the manager would do much good but im definitely worried out the care of the little guys. i feel like another part of the reason he brushed me off is because i'm read as female.

Ohh god I hate that. I get dismissed all the time too, so I know the feels. Sphagnum does not give them mites, if you buy your sphagnum from pet stores it could be contaminated from their own stock or if the manufacturer of the reptile specific product keeps reptiles it could be too. However you can get sphagnum from the local hardware store and you’re virtually guaranteed there won’t be mites in it. 

I would call anyway, even if you think nothing will come of it. Even if he gets a quick ‘someone called and complained about you’, it might inspire him to do his research or watch his tongue next time he talks to someone.

spiders-are-wonderful-things: That last ask you posted about the gtp with flaky sheds, is the same true for fullgrown? Cause at the local pet store, they got a gtp whose going into shed and it's flaky and looks dry. I don't have a lot of experience with snakes so I don't know.

Noooo! GTP’s should never have and will never have flaky sheds if their humidity is being correctly managed. It happens and if you do the right thing and soak them, it’s easily removed. I mean I have had a shed patch left on Nake’s neck before but a quick soak and a wipe got that right off. I would head down to your petstore and tell them that it needs it’s humidity bumped up. Snakes sheds should never be flaky or dry, they come off in one single moist piece. :) 

treeboa: I have a question about baby GTP sheds, they should come off in one piece correct? I was at the petstore today (for reasons other than snakes) and they had two juvenile GTPs with flaky/stuck shed, and when i asked the reptile department guy if he could do something, he said "they always have flaky sheds as babies". i dont have GTPs myself but something about that struck me as really wrong? especially when the animals looked to be in such bad shape.


Errrrrugh this makes me so mad! No, stuck shed is absolutely not normal! They should be kept at such high humidity during shed periods that their sloughs just fall off like wet toilet paper. Patchy shed is normal in lizards, not in snakes. I don’t know of any snake species where patchy shed is normal in any stage. I would highly recommend going back to the petstore and telling him to stick it up his ass. Better yet! Call the manager or store owner and tell them that their staff are providing incorrect information to customers. 

GTP’s are not for the basic keeper and don’t belong in petstores. I manage a petstore but I still would not want them in my workplace even with my experience, it is too stressful and members of the public should not be given the option to just grab one last second without thinking about it. They should have to make their setup, contact a breeder, go through the rigmarole of proving themselves to a breeder after owning an easier snake… It’s just so frustrating. Yes,  they are gorgeous snakes and are easily managed if your setup is correct, but they are not for a first time keeper and not appropriate in stores.

He’s starting to sit normally again! And surprise surprise, he’s hungry!

He’s starting to sit normally again! And surprise surprise, he’s hungry!

thishaileysays: So I was just wondering if it was possible for him to wear like a little bit of netting or something around his butt that would give his body support but not impede him going to the bathroom? Maybe it's a silly thought, but it came to mind.

Yeah I had something like that when I had my appendix out so my belly didn’t wobble too much. I just don’t know what I would use to do it! :)